Looking out for the Security & Safety of your business, premises & personnel.


Risk Asessment.

Discussing your requirements and assessing their associated risks.

Systems Planning.

Ensuring that the best equipment and most cost effective solutions are planned into a system design.

Civil Engineering.

Carrying out the civil requirements to ensure the end product can operate efficiently. Providing excavations, trenching, ducting, concrete bases etc.


Managing the installation from start to finish with staff on site who, are able to make decisions and adapt to changing situations whilst adhering to the ever present health and safety requirements of the modern workplace.

Working at heights.

With the nature of our business, all staff are familiar with working at heights and are certified and competent with MEWP access equipment.


Once the installations are complete our staff continue to work through and commission the equipment, with the knowledge of the installation making commisssioning that bit easier.


Once all systems are installed and commissioned, full training for operators is provided to ensure that the systems can be operated to full potential. Ongoing training can be arranged at a later date to keep up with staff changes.

Service & Repairs.

To ensure that your investment is operational for many years to come, service arrangements & contracts can be arranged to suit. Or should these not be opted for, service calls can be made to repair / replace faulty items. We also service and repair equipment that we have not supplied or installed. If you have a problem feel free to get in touch.

You only need to contact us and if it's within our powers to help, then we will.